CBD, Vape & E-Cig

We understand that brand product packaging is unique to each company and product. With product specifications and a communicated vision for what a client would like the displays to do, we come up with the right solution.

Through renderings and physical samples, we bring your vision to life and deliver ready to fill displays to the marketplace within reasonable timeframes. We are successful in this area due to our experience in the market, along with our engineering, rendering and prototype process.

We understand the unique challenges these products bring and have developed smart and responsible displays that help you maximize sales- from customized designs that emphasize quality to displays that educate customers.

At LD Plastics we create solutions to fit your individual needs.

  • Acrylic Towers
  • LCD Monitor Units
  • LED
  • Lockable Cases
  • Menu Boards
  • On Counter Displays
  • Shelf Edge Signage
  • Shelf Inserts
  • Signage
  • Spring Loaded Pusher Systems
  • Stackable Acrylic Bins


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